Monday, May 18, 2009

Sorority Fun Facts!

Get to know the three sororities on campus! Auburn Montgomery is home to Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Zeta and Zeta Tau Alpha sororities. See below to learn a little bit about each.

Alpha Gamma Delta - "Alpha Gamma Delta was officially founded on May 30, 1904 at the home of Dr. Wellesley Perry Coddington, a professor at Syracuse University who was instrumental in the early development of Alpha Gamma Delta. Each of the Fraternity's 11 founders were progressive women who selflessly contributed to the foundation and growth of Alpha Gamma Delta. Since the founding, collegiate chapters have been installed at 181 colleges and universities across North America and more than 145,000 women have become Alpha Gam sisters. Guided by our Purpose, Alpha Gamma Deltas are impacting our communities and contributing to the world's work."

The colors of Alpha Gamma Delta are red, buff and green. Their mascot is the squirrel, their flowers are the red and buff rose with asparagus ferns. Their jewel is the pearl and vision is "To inspire the woman. Impact the world." Visit for more information on AGD.

Delta Zeta - Delta Zeta Sorority was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1902. Miami is dubbed the “Mother of Fraternities” because of the many prominent men’s fraternities which were founded there. When six young women came together in 1902 to form a social sorority, they had a vision of lifetime sisterhood fostered by ideals that they cherished. These friends bonded quickly as they faced the challenges of starting a sorority on a male-dominated campus (women had just been given full status as students at Miami University in 1902).
Although fraternities were well-established by the time Alfa Lloyd, Mary Collins, Anna Keen, Julia Bishop, Mabelle Minton, and Anne Simmons met with Dr. Guy Potter Benton, then president of the university, to make their idea a reality, they faced derision from the male students of the university. This adversity served to bond them even closer."

The colors of DZ are rose and green, their mascot is the turtle. Their flower is the pink killarney rose, and their jewel is the diamond. Delta Zeta has over 220000 initiated members. To learn more about Delta Zeta, visit their website at

Zeta Tau Alpha - The mission of ZTA is "to make a difference in the lives of our members by developing the potential of each individual through innovative programming, which emphasizes leadership development, service to others, academic achievement and continued personal growth for women, with a commitment to friendship and the future based on the sisterhood, values and traditions of the past. The purpose of Zeta Tau Alpha is the intensifying of friendship, the fostering of a spirit of love, the creating of such sentiments, the performing of such deeds, and the moulding of such opinions as will be conducive to the building up of a purer and nobler womanhood in the world. The open motto is to 'Seek the Noblest.'”

The colors of Zeta Tau Alpha are turquoise and grey, the flower is the white violet. Their symbols are the five point crown and the strawberry. To learn more about Zeta Tau Alpha, visit their website at

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Welcome to Auburn Montgomery!

Auburn Montgomery Panhellenic would like to welcome you to campus! We hope you enjoy your time here, and have something to offer to help you make the most of your college experience.

The best thing you can do to improve your college life, increase your chances of success, and to guarantee lasting memories is to GO GREEK!!! Joining a Greek organization promotes life long friendship, networking, academic and career success. Below are just a few reasons for you to GO GREEK!!!
  1. Campus Involvement - Greek organizations not only provide a strong and stable social network, but they also provide better opportunities for campus involvement. We work together on and off campus with service projects and fundraisers, sporting events, local community activities, supporting other campus organizations and helping to improve campus life overall. Greek students have great relationships with AUM faculty and staff and are more widely recognized for achievements within and without the organization and community.
  2. Volunteerism - Each sorority has its own national philanthropy that it supports, AND each sorority works to support other local and campus charities as well as helping to support each others philanthropic efforts. We enjoy makin a difference in the lives of our sisters, and others. Volunteerism is a great way to change your life for the better, to learn about other cultures and social issues, and to become a leader among your group of friends, on our campus and in our community.
  3. Networking - Joining a Greek organization gives you many opportunities driting college and many many more opportunities after college. Each group has an alumni chapter that is also very active in the community. Sororities provide you a support group for life. You will always have someone to call when in need. Not only that but you have a large group of references for job searching, social outlets, program involvment, home finding, even match making! Its all there in one handy gift box just waiting for you to open. Think of the endless possibilities there are with such a great group of friends!
  4. Life Long Friendship - and last, but certainly not least. Have you ever heard the saying, " you will never have better friends, then the ones you meet in college," ? This is so true! You are at the time of your life when you are growing up and finding out who you really are. Your sisters are doing the same thing. And as you are growing up together, your relationship is growing stronger and you are growing closer. Sororities provide an instant bond of friendship, sisterhood and a dependable network of people to grow up with. Don't you want that dependability through your college life?

To gain all of the above and so much more, go through recruitment! Sorority Recruitment is August 14-16, 2009. Make sure you save the date!